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Strawberries & Cream

A mild, pale, light-bodied ale AND lager, this hybrid beer was made with an ale and a lager yeast. During the peak of fermentation, strawberries were added to sweeten the edge of a normally crisp & dry session beer, on a nitrogen pour to accentuate the creaminess of the style.
4.6% abv OG 1.042 IBU:15

Haven-ly Hefe

NEW Haven-ly is an unfiltered Hefeweizen just in time for summer! A beer is made with 50% malted barley & 50% malted wheat, along with a special yeast that creates a flavour of clove & a light bananna ester arriving at:
4.9% abv OG 1.044 IBU:10

Saison de Cassis

Translation: A season of blackcurrants this Belgian Farmhouse Style was brewed in the fall 2009 with barley from Belgium; hops from England (Kent Goldings) & Germany (Hallertauer Mittelfruh); & yeast cultivated from a difficult to obtain Belgian yeast. The resulting fermentation delivered a crisp & very dry beer with estery aromas of earthyness & fruitiness. However the standout flavour is attributed to Vermont grown Blackcurrants offering a subtle tart finish.
6.5% abv OG 1.056 IBU:26

Lincoln Lager

Thirst quenching, not overly bitter, this Bohemian Lager is reminiscent of the straw to golden colored pilsners you would find in the Weserbergland of Niedersachsen, Germany. Utilizing German malted barley, this medium bodied beer is balanced all around at 4.6% abv. Light bitterness of this lager is accredited to a crisp Hallertauer & spicy Tettnang variety, with a floral aroma from the use of Hallertauer Hersbrucker & Celeia hops.
4.6% abv OG 1.041 IBU:20


California Common is a hybrid style that takes graciously from the Vienna Style and treating the culture as if it were making an ale (warm fermentation). The result: an amber coloured beer with fruity. Our “West Coast of New England” offering pays homage to our breathren utilizing on the West Coast by using Northern Brewer & Cascade hops from the Pacific Northwest.
5.4% abv OG 1.052 IBU:28

Pocock Pilsner

This is a gold colored Czech Pilsner style beer, with a pronounced spicy bitterness. The bitterness is from Žatec/Saaz hops imported from the Czech Republic along with German Hallertau Hersbrucker hops & the hop aroma is Styrian Golding delivering a blast of flavour. A tight creamy head compliments its velvety body.
4.2% abv OG 1.040 IBU:39

Easy Rider

A Belgian Pale Ale with an amber colour, full body & a peppery finish from a special Belgian Ale strain. Dry hopped with English Kent Golding resulting in a floral aroma & bittered with Styrian Golding in the kettle, this ale rounds out at:
5.1% abv OG 1.044 IBU:10

Dennis Hop’rd

A triple dry hopped version of the Easy Rider, dry hopped with a generous amount of English Kent Golding & Citra Hop. The resulting ale is a hybrid Belgian Extra Special Bitter
5.1% abv OG 1.044 IBU:50

Dauntaun Braun

Deep dark brown coloured, this dark wheat ale is made with barley & dark wheat malts offering flavours of chocolate & espresso. Utilizing a German weizen yeast, a third more subtle layer of banana ester rounds out this thought provoking beer at:
6.2% abv OG 1.066 IBU:11

App-Gap IPA

A medium-bodied IPA which merges the best ingredients from both sides of the pond. Brewed with English pale & crystal malts, this IPA is dominated with the Simcoe hop to provide a very aromatic hop presence with distinct bitterness and hop flavor.
6.1% abv OG 1.062 IBU:69

Heller Bock

A strong lager beer, bocks have a long history of being brewed & consumed by monks in Germany during Lent. True to style, this Heller (“pale”) Bock consists of a malt recipe of our Lincoln Lager X2 or “Doubled,” delivering a golden, full-bodied lager beer. Very lightly hopped, there is a mildly spicy or peppery finish from the alcohol esters breathing off the glass at a whopping:
8.2% abv OG 1.080 IBU:14

Wee Heavy Scotch Ale

This strong pale ale style is inspired from a Scottish example of Whiskey Ale whereas a portion of the grist is barley that was dried in the malting process with heat from a peat fire. Scottish malt & limited use of hops accentuates the full body & sweetness of the final beer. Created as a tribute to our friend, Greg Noonan of Vermont Pub & Brewery.
7.4% abv OG 1.073 IBU:14