From the Brewery


Greetings from the brewery at the Bobcat Café where I’m busy working on beers for summer.  Some of the new seasonals coming up are:

Cat Paw Kölsch

Our Cat Paw Kölsch style beer is golden yellow with a soft white head leaving a nice lace long after it’s gone…its flavor is slightly sweet and fruity with a detectable hop aroma and flavor. It is brewed with a base of German Pilsner malt with some Vienna malt thrown in for flavor and color. Because a true Kölsch beer can only be brewed within the area of Cologne, Germany we’ve taken some liberties with the style…and made ours an easy drinking summer ale.

Summer Farmhouse Ale

The Farmhouse Ale is brewed in the style of a Belgian Saison.  It is a lighter-bodied, golden-orange ale with a big creamy head.  The aroma is spicy, yeasty and fruity making you wonder what it’s going to taste like.  The flavor is all of the aroma and more…spices, yeast, fruit and finishing with a slight hop bite from the late hopping with Saaz.  Overall a very refreshing summer brew, hurry before you miss it.

Deerleap Lager

This is not your ordinary pale American lager.  Our Deerleap Lager is a German style lager brewed with German Pilsner malt and a healthy dose of Munich malts for color and flavor.  It is coppery-brown with a creamy off-white head, carbonation is light to showcase the malt flavor. The hops are also all German, with Hallertau used throughout.  The result is a medium-bodied, malty brew with low hop bitterness, flavor and aroma…enjoy.

While you’re here, try some of the year-round offerings like:

  • Bobcat Maple Porter
  • App-Gap IPA
  • Bristol Pride ESB
  • Mud Puddle PorterDon’t forget to visit our booth at the Vermont Brewers Festival this July 20 & 21 at Waterfront Park in Burlington…