img6Our one hundred year old bar hails from Port Henry, New York.  In 1901 an Italian craftsman carved the massive bar for a hotel on the Main St. in Port Henry.  In the 1930’s a major fire ravaged the hotel, but luckily the intricate bar was salvaged and moved into a nearby vacant alley.  During the 1960’s, the bar was located in The Monopole, a restaurant in Port Henry.

Robert Fuller, owner of the Bobcat Café & Brewery, purchased this beauty in 2002 and transported in several pieces by way of flatbed trucks to its new home in Bristol, Vt.   Seating up to twenty people at a time, this historic bar makes an impressive backdrop for our guests.  Whether you sit down for a beer or choose to dine with our experienced & friendly bartenders, the Bobcat bar experience is lively & memorable.

img7Our cozy dining room features brick walls that display local artwork, intimate booths, bench seats that can accommodate large parties & window tables that overlook Main St.
We strive to be a meeting place for the community, a “third” place, distinct from home & work where people can gather to be with family & friends to plug in to the larger community.

img8We offer a wide selection of draft & bottled beers.  At any given point, we proudly offer 5-8 of our own house brews, as well as brews from local breweries such as The Shed, Trout River, Otter Creek, Magic Hat & more.  We also carry domestic & imported beers.  Don’t forget, we have a wide selection of fine liquors & wines.

img9Located in the back of the restaurant, our 250 gallon fermentation tanks stand proudly.  It is within these tanks that our delicious house brewed beers undergo the fermentation process.  Fermentation is the conversion of sugars into alcohol & CO2 by yeast.  Our ales take 2 weeks to ferment & our lagers up to four weeks.  With the tanks as a backdrop, performers bring live music to the Bobcat every Thursday night, 8-10, never a cover.